Findlay, OH 45840 USA

Lost & Found

We appreciate the emotional distress an animal owner suffers when a family pet goes missing.  Working in conjunction with our Animal Control division, our shelter strives to timely reunite owners with their lost cat or dog.

If an animal is missing, it is the owner’s responsibility to contact the Humane Society immediately following the pet’s disappearance.  If we don’t already have your animal in custody, we will assist you in completing a report so that we have the pertinent information in our files.  Reports of lost pets are kept open for 30 days and may be renewed upon request.  If you have a Facebook account, we encourage you to also utilize the lost and found page (see below).  If you’ve found a lost pet, you can drop it off at the Animal Control office  during business hours.

Dogs arriving at the shelter wearing a current year’s license will be held for 14 days.  Dogs without a current year’s license will only be held for 72 hours before being screened for adoption. Therefore, it is imperative to contact the Humane Society as soon as possible.  Since there are no laws regarding cats in Hancock County, they legally belong to the Humane Society immediately after surrendering.

A “Recovery Fee” will be charged upon the reclaiming of any lost animal.  This fee is needed to help underwrite the cost associated with retrieving and caring for lost pets within our community.

Check out the Hancock County Animal Control Facebook page for updates on found pets.

You can also follow the Findlay, Ohio Lost and Found Pets if you have found or are missing a pet.